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The Liga Medicorum Homeopathica Internationalis has 41 members in Venezuela. There are approximately 10 chiropractors practicing in Venezuela.

Regulatory Situation

In Venezuela, health care is restricted to formally educated medical professionals. Section 13 of the 1975 Venezuelan law on the practice of medicine states that persons who perform any act that is restricted to medical practitioners, without having fulfilled the requirements of the law, are deemed to be practicing medicine illegally. Only traditional birth attendants who have received a ministerial permit are exempted. Allopathic physicians may practice homeopathic medicine after completing specialized postgraduate studies. There is no chiropractic law, although the practice of chiropractic is permitted under common law by officially recognized health care providers.

Education and Training

The School of Homeopathic Medicine of the Venezuelan Homeopathic Medical Association is responsible for training allopathic physicians specializing in homeopathy.