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There are no hospitals in Ukraine in which only complementary/alternative therapies are used.

Regulatory Situation

Though allopathic physicians may use allopathic or complementary/alternative therapies, only allopathic physicians and registered non-allopathic practitioners working under physicians are allowed to provide medical treatments. The Ministry of Health authorizes licences for physicians. It requires an authenticated copy of documents attesting to the level of education and necessary qualifications for the practice of medicine, such as a medical diploma or a certificate of specialization, a letter of reference issued by a former employer, and approval from the designated local authority.

Complementary/alternative medicine is covered under general regulations. In order to be registered as a legal non-allopathic practitioner, it is necessary to complete a special program given by the Academy of Physicians Postgraduate Education or by the Ukrainian National Medicine Association, which is under the supervision of the Ukrainian Ministry of Public Health. Some specific branches of complementary/alternative medicine, such as reflexotherapy, have their own code of specialty.

Steps are being taken to introduce an official specialization in homeopathy for allopathic physicians.

Homeopathic remedies are officially recognized by the Decree on Medicines of the Ministry of Health. Quality control of homeopathic remedies is based on the German Pharmacopoeia. The Ukrainian Ministry of Public Health regulates the production of homeopathic medicines, and the Commission of the Pharmacological Committee on Homeopathic Medicines under the supervision of the Ukrainian Office for Public Health is responsible for delivering licences for their sale. Specialized homeopathic chemist shops exist in Ukraine. People can also buy homeopathic medicines from Germany and Austria.

Education and Training

The Academy of Physicians Postgraduate Education and the Ukrainian National Medicine Association offer special courses for non-allopathic practitioners in homeopathy, iridology, reflexotherapy, aromatherapy, and phytotherapy.

Insurance Coverage

There is no public or private reimbursement of complementary/alternative medicine. Patients seeking complementary/alternative treatment must pay for the care themselves.