“Good Health Is Wealth” – The CWL talk Show about Integrative Health

The Center for Wellness Leadership, Dreamland Technology and the Community Television Network are partnering to produce a unique series of 30-60 minute shows on Integrative Health.

The title of our video series is “Good Health is Wealth” and are hosted by Alban Maino, CWL director, and guests hosts from the Integrative world. The series airs on Channel 5 in Portland, Maine, and full episodes with additional content are featured on the CWL Youtube channel and web site.

The series shows how conventional and non-conventional medical treatments are being used today from an Integrative Health perspective. The format of the show presents an alternative modality or a pathology and how Integrative Medicine addresses the matter through interviews, testimonials, video and other media.

Some of our upcoming episodes:

Episode 1 – “East and West” – The new dichotomy and complementarity of the Integrative Medicine approach.

Episode 2 – “The Relaxation response and its evolution”, by Herbert Benson, A guide to fight Stress and live a better life.

Episode 3 – “How Multi-Sensory stimulation can alleviate Dementia” – An innovative approach to Alzheimer’s disease

Episode 4 – “Medical Cannabis: a miracle plant?How Medical Cannabis is used in treatment for depression, chronic pain, cancer treatment, and Dementia through the evidence based studies.

Episode 5 – “Can TERS solve PTSD and Chronic pain?” – An innovative and promising approach to PTSD and chronic pain through traumatic Emotional Reintegration System

Episode 6 – “It’s all about Energy! The metabolic Makeover” An easy guide to a better life: nutrition – Sports – Stress reduction.

Episode 7: How can Ayurvedic Medicine help me to leave a healthier life?

Episode 8 – “Hosteopathy and Body based practices”, a different approach to the human body and healing.

Episode 9 – “To Be”, or how modern medicine medical science, millennium religions and Integrative Health can help us to be and take care of ourselves in a better way.

Episode 10: Nutrition and Naturopathy, the two pillars of life.

Look for the CWL Integrative Health Video Series in April 2017.

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