Therapeutic Touch (TT)

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Therapeutic Touch® is a holistic, evidence-based therapy that incorporates the intentional and compassionate use of universal energy to promote balance and well-being. Like other methods that work within the human biofield, this practice aims to restore health by releasing energy, imbalances, and blockages that cause anxiety and illness. This method of healing, done primarily without physical contact, was developed in the early 1970s by Dr. Dolores Krieger and her colleague, Dora Van Gelder Kunz, a medical clairvoyant. TT is a blend of contemporary methods and ancient healing practices intended to clear, rebalance, and repattern the energy field and mobilize a recipient’s own inner healing capabilities. Rather than starting with the diagnosis of a disease, the practitioner works by perceiving any disturbances or interruptions in the energy field and how these have manifested within the whole physical body. It is recognized that disruptions in the biofield indicate problems in the physical body and that to effectively direct universal healing energy requires the practitioner’s disciplined, compassionate belief in the client’s natural healing potential. The therapist primarily acts as an energy support system for the recipient by modulating the energy in the biofield that surrounds and interconnects with the physical body. By tapping in to and directing this universal energy to the client, the practitioner facilitates the mobilization of the recipient’s own inner healing capabilities without depleting her own energy.

A session involves four phases. First, the healer centers herself by entering a state of stillness that allows her own inner wisdom to connect with that of the recipient. From this space, she assesses the client’s energy field and then intervenes with techniques to balance, soothe and clear the energy, ending with an integrative closing.

At the start of a treatment, the hands, which are the most sensitive tool of the healer, scan the client by slowly and rhythmically sweeping over the body to detect vibrations, areas of pressure, temperature differences, and any other subtle sensations that indicate the nature of the person’s energy pattern. Then, by using strong focus, positive intention, and visualizations, the practitioner’s intuitive mind encourages the proper amount of universal energy to move through her to the imbalances in the client’s biofield. Next, the hands are held a few inches away from the surface of the body and moved outward from the centerline of the body, to smooth out, clear, and balance any wrinkles in the energy field. Once the field has been cleared, the practitioner directs universal energy to the recipient by modulating the flow to areas that feel empty or cold, relying on the interconnection of the body’s energetic network to soothe pain that may be caused by but distant from the site of the energy deficiency.

The hands may make light physical contact on those places in the body most in need of healing, but there is no soft-tissue manipulation. The client’s needs are constantly reassessed throughout the session. This process of energetic rebalancing can be incorporated into other types of therapeutic treatments, and since Therapeutic Touch has been taught to many nurses, it is now widely available in hospitals.

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This modality comes from “Our Inner Ocean”, a book by Captain LeCain W. Smith: The author, LeCain W. Smith, learned early in life that his personal path to awakening was through ocean sailing, bodywork, and transformational energetic experiences. When living on the sea, making friends with the elements and with nature, he uncovered his passion for adventure, exploration, fitness, and health. He spent many years studying and experiencing bodywork and practicing yoga, qigong, breath-work, and meditation. This passion, combined with seeing numerous friends struggle with health problems, eventually drove Smith to reach out and help others through the writing of this book. If this endeavor changes the life of only one person, he will consider it a success.

Good health is something we all aspire to, but it’s so much more than just being free of disease. A perfectly functioning body, tranquil mind, and vibrant spirit working together harmoniously create the joy and happiness that put the good in good health and the worth into a life worth living. Our Inner Ocean describes ancient and new holistic modalities of practitioner-applied bodywork and revitalizing self-care practices.

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