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Background Information

Traditional medicine in Sudan has roots in Islamic and West African medicine. People in many areas of the country depend on herbal medicines, which are an integral part of the health care system. There is wide experience with the use of herbs in medical treatment. Many families specialize in herbal medicines and this knowledge is passed on from one generation to another. Patients travel from the capital to rural regions to consult herbalists, especially for difficult diseases.

The Medicinal and Aromatic Herbs Research Institute was created 25 years ago and has trained a considerable number of specialists in different fields required for research in medicinal plants.


The Sudan Atlas of Medicinal Plants records the scientific name of more than 2000 medicinal herbs collected from different parts of the country, many native to Sudan. All of these herbs are in current use in traditional medicine.

Regulatory Situation

There is legislation for the registration of herbal preparations and herbal products.