Stephanie Hewitt

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Reiki Instructor, Hypnotherapist, Essential Oils

I have been exploring many forms of energy healing for over 20 years.  My journey began with a strong desire to seek non invasive ways of dealing with pain.  As I continued studying alternative medicine, I learned  that PHYSICAL and EMOTIONAL healing go hand in hand, and most often, emotional healing is necessary before physical healing can take place.  That lead me to Reiki Energy.  Using this amazing energy to heal many areas in my own life, I knew I had to learn everything there was to know about this energy!  I became certified in all the levels of Reiki and felt called to share this marvelous, powerful healing modality by teaching.

I then broadened my practice by becoming a hypnotherapist, assisting my clients to  heal and reach their goals through hypnotherapy. I have added Essential Oil therapy and Crystal therapy and New Paradigm Multidimensional Transformation to my practice, using which ever modalities are helpful and appropriate for each individual.

Speaking from experience, I can honestly say you will benefit from these techniques, many of which date back thousands of years, as well as the new higher vibrational energies of the new millennium.

It is my belief, from first hand experience, that energy and the information it carries, plays a central role in health and healing.  Whether this energy is used for personal healing, healing animals or healing the planet, it is available to everyone at any time.  It is there, surrounding us, waiting for us to “tap into it”.
Using Relaxation Techniques, Reiki, New Paradigm (Shamballa) Energy Healing and Transformation, Hypnotherapy, Young Living Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils and Crystal Therapy I am ready to assist you in your own journey of “letting go”.  I provide a safe environment for healing to take place on a deep, emotional, physical and spiritual level, all while assisting you at your own pace.

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62 Portland Road (U.S.Route 1) Suite 42
Kennebunk, ME

Phone: 207 756-4188