Alban Africa


Background Information

Despite repressive laws against the practice of traditional medicine during the colonial period, almost every village in Senegal has a traditional medicine practitioner.

The Experimental Center for Traditional Medicine was established in Senegal in 1987. It now has an active patient roster of over 30 000 persons and is made up of a professional staff of both allopathic and traditional medicine practitioners.

Whether or not spiritualists should be considered as traditional medicine practitioners is currently being debated in Senegal.

Regulatory Situation

Traditional medicine was officially recognized by the Government of Senegal in 1985. Senegal has a registry of traditional health practitioners. The Health Ministry advocates the promotion and rehabilitation of traditional medicine and traditional pharmacopoeia. There are official strategies and activities to encourage collaboration between traditional and allopathic medical practitioners.

Education and Training

Senegal has traditional medicine training facilities for lay persons.