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Russian Federation


There are one or two chiropractors practicing in the Russian Federation.

Regulatory situation

The Russian Federation provides a striking example of a change in policy towards complementary/alternative medicine that may be followed in other former socialist countries. Section 34 of the Fundamental Principles of the Health Legislation of the Union of the Soviet Socialist Republics and of the Union Republics required physicians to use only those diagnostic, prophylactic, and therapeutic methods and pharmaceutical products authorized by the Ministry of Health. Neither homeopathy nor homeopathic medicines were authorized.

By contrast, the right to practice the art of healing by “popular” medicine is protected by Section 57 of the Russian Federation legislation governing health care. It remains to be seen how this provision will be interpreted, but its general open-ended language suggests that it is likely that complementary/alternative practitioners will have wide powers to practice.

A 1995 decree refers to homeopathy in the Russian Federation. It permits the use of homeopathy in every clinic and hospital, giving it official recognition. There is no law specifically regulating chiropractic, although some chiropractors have been permitted to practice.

Education and Training

The State Scientific and Practical Center of Traditional Medicine and Homeopathy of the Ministry of Public Health of the Russian Federation was created in 1999. The Center’s goals include organizing and conducting scientific research and coordinating and realizing educational activities in complementary/alternative medicine.

A standard Government education program in homeopathy has been developed by the Committee for Homeopathy of Russia and approved by the Ministry of Health. Homeopathy has also been introduced at the Russian Medical Academy as a postgraduate specialty.