Phenomenal Touch

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A form of intimate, loving-touch bodywork founded by Leslie Bruder, Phenomenal Touch relies on the quality of the touch and the manipulation offered for a successful outcome. Together, the recipient and the fully present practitioner enter a deep space, connected with the sacred spirit, in which the practitioner meets the client where she is.

The session can include about seventy-five essential principles and more than a hundred different movements that call on the effects of gravity and momentum rather than force as the body is moved in a fluid, undulating, rhythmic way. Three-dimensional work, which is intended to embrace the body in space, is carried out as the therapist lifts and supports parts of the body to address both sides at once while moving the body in space. A technique called body draping allows for easy movement of the recipient’s body, the use of fulcrums, and improved muscle release. Seamless transitions between movement and stretching during each part of the bodywork provide flow, continuity, and integration as the session follows the needs of the individual body rather than abiding by a set order of events. Particular creative moves used in the therapy include those known as Shiva, Belly Wave, Come to Me, Rag Doll, Mermaid, Rock n’ Roll, Slide n’ Drool, Up n’ Over, Frog, Hip Hop, and Undertow. Phenomenal Touch is described as a reverent dance that combines elements of Watsu, Trager Approach, Lomi Lomi, and Thai Yoga Bodywork with deep-tissue work.



This modality comes from “Our Inner Ocean”, a book by Captain LeCain W. Smith: The author, LeCain W. Smith, learned early in life that his personal path to awakening was through ocean sailing, bodywork, and transformational energetic experiences. When living on the sea, making friends with the elements and with nature, he uncovered his passion for adventure, exploration, fitness, and health. He spent many years studying and experiencing bodywork and practicing yoga, qigong, breath-work, and meditation. This passion, combined with seeing numerous friends struggle with health problems, eventually drove Smith to reach out and help others through the writing of this book. If this endeavor changes the life of only one person, he will consider it a success.

Good health is something we all aspire to, but it’s so much more than just being free of disease. A perfectly functioning body, tranquil mind, and vibrant spirit working together harmoniously create the joy and happiness that put the good in good health and the worth into a life worth living. Our Inner Ocean describes ancient and new holistic modalities of practitioner-applied bodywork and revitalizing self-care practices.

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