“Our Inner Ocean, A World of Healing Modalities ” by LeCain W. Smith





“Good Health is something we all aspire to, but it’s so much more than just being free of disease. A perfectly functioning body, tranquil mind, and vibrant spirit working together harmoniously create the joy and happiness that put the ”good” in good health and the “worth” into a life worth living.”

This holistic resource (published by Balboa Press) is 510 pages long and includes illustrations, photos, relative sea stories, and links to further studies. Further details can be found on the author’s website: www.windroseaway.com and on Facebook under Our Inner Ocean

ABOUT  LECAIN SMITH AND HIS NEW BOOK: The author, LeCain W. Smith, learned early in life that his personal path to awakening was through ocean sailing, bodywork, and transformational energetic experiences. When living on the sea, making friends with the elements and with nature, he uncovered his passion for adventure, exploration, fitness, and health. He spent many years studying and experiencing bodywork and practicing yoga, qigong, breathwork, and meditation. This passion, combined with seeing numerous friends struggle with health problems, eventually drove Smith to reach out and help others through the writing of this book. If this endeavor changes the life of only one person, he will consider it a success.

Over the years, he completed a six-year circumnavigation of the globe on his sailboat, wrote two books on nautical themes, produced a video about his travels, and, as a licensed sea captain for more than forty years, worked in various marine trades and taught others maritime skills. His published works do include: Steel Away, A Guide to the World of Steel Sailboats (1986), Maritime History of Brooksville (2005), The Maine Directory of Complementary & Alternative Health Practitioners (2008), and the documentary video Far Away (1999). “Captain Lee,” as friends around the world know him, returned from his adventures on the world’s oceans committed to diving into his inner ocean, that realm of innate wisdom he knew he could enter by making the body, breath, mind, emotions, and spirit his allies in discovery.

His heartfelt desire to help others find a relief from the ailments in their life, open their minds to alternative methods of care, and integrate the experience of true self-healing inspired him to make a lengthy research trip around the United States, interviewing practitioners and developers and receiving and uncovering hidden gems of bodywork, and energetic spiritual practices. He gathered all the information he had collected over a lifetime of research and experiences on land and sea—holistic healing methods, bodywork, energy medicine, breathwork, and revitalizing self-care practices—into the present volume of Our Inner Ocean.

This reference book is a compendium of both ancient and new complementary holistic healing modalities of practitioner-applied bodywork and rejuvenating self-care practices that illuminate our human potential and ignite our innate capacity for healing and optimal well-being. These modalities act as a springboard from which to dive into our inner ocean, the realm of wisdom within where the mystical space of awareness, intuition, and love can become the resting place fo the spirit, subtly working its magic on ourselves and others.

Bodywork and self-care practices have long been recognized as a way to help people feel better physically, but the magic of touch can also help us tap in to the wisdom of the body, discover the power of the energy that permeates it, and evoke its innate healing ability. When we pass through these portals into the inner ocean, we can reduce stress and pain, release blockages, prevent and resolve dysfunctions, bring harmony and balance, and ignite our spiritual nature. Its all about awakening our ability to actualize our fullest potential as humans. And in doing so, we make the world a better place.

Part One — Practitioner-Applied Bodywork

  1. Health, Healing, and the Power of Touch
    Becoming More Embodied
    The Role of Bodywork
    The Results
  2. Considerations Before Bodywork
  3. The Bodywork Session
    Before a Treatment
    During a Treatment
    After a Treatment
  4. The Skilled Practitioner
    Considering Competence
    The Practitioner and the Healing Process
  5. The Art of Being a Good Recipient
    Preparing for a Session
    During a Treatment
    Follow-Up Care
  6. A World of Applied Bodywork Modalities
    1. Structural Therapies
    2. Functional Reeducation Therapie
    3.  Substance- and Implement-Assisted Therapie
    4. Aquatic Therapies
    5. Spinal Therapies
    6. Abdominal Therapies
    7. Trauma-Centered Therapies
    8. Energy-Based Therapies
    9. Energy Field and Spiritual Therapies
    10. Special Therapies 

Some Final Thoughts About These Modalities

7. Progressive Body-Mind Psychotherapies

Part Two — Self-Directed Healing Practices

  1. Breath Is The Way
    Some Basics About Conscious Breathing
    Enhancing Breath Awareness
    Six Types of Breathwork
    Four Phases of the Breath
    A Compilation of Breathwork Therapies and Practices
    A Collection of Specific Breathing Techniques
    Breathe in the Wind
  2. Energy Flow Is the Key
    Awakening Awareness of the Vital Life Force
    The Divine Cosmic Connection
    The Manifestations of Energy
    Energy Fields and Energy Bodies
    The Human Energy Anatomy—Centers, Pathways, and Points
    Working with Energy
    Bodywork and Energy
    Two Powerful Ancient Practices
    Final Thoughts
  3. Making a Shift in Consciousness
    Struggles and Obstacles
    Awakening Through Change
    Making the Shift Through Meditation
    The Practice of Meditation
    Some Forms of Meditation
    Finding Wholeness
  4. A World of Transformational Self-Care Healing Practices and Exercises
    Aerobics to Yoga
  5. Ripples From My Inner Ocean
    Our Life’s Work
    Obstacles As Opportunities for Transformation
    Bringing It All Together with the Fabulous Five
    Seeking Happiness
    A Final Blessing

Appendix: Complementary and Alternative Health Care Resources

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