Lomi Lomi Massage (Hawaiian Bodywork) and Huna Therapy

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Hawaiian bodywork is part of the sacred system of healing used by the Hawaiian priests called kahunas (“experts”) in their ancient ritual practices and ceremonies. Like many other holistic therapies past and present, its aim is to restore balance and harmony on the physical, emotional, and spiritual levels by using the sacred energy of mana (the universal life force). It works with three levels of the self: the unconscious, conscious, and higher self. In its purest form, this ancient healing technique enables a person to connect to her highest wisdom by utilizing seven sacred healing principles. They represent an ethical code of behavior and deeds that can turn inner knowledge and wisdom into outer success in life. Although they can be expressed in many ways, these principles essentially advance the ideas that an individual will be healthy when she is aware of illusion; will be free when able to accomplish and give without limits; will be prosperous when focused, since energy flows where attention goes; will be successful when fully present in the moment; will be happy and self confident when she has the ability to love; will be powerful by focusing the attention within; and will be positive by realizing that the power of belief is most effective when a person is aware of the truth. Real healing is viewed as an ongoing life process that requires living by these concepts and their associated behavior.


This modality comes from “Our Inner Ocean”, a book by Captain LeCain W. Smith: The author, LeCain W. Smith, learned early in life that his personal path to awakening was through ocean sailing, bodywork, and transformational energetic experiences. When living on the sea, making friends with the elements and with nature, he uncovered his passion for adventure, exploration, fitness, and health. He spent many years studying and experiencing bodywork and practicing yoga, qigong, breath-work, and meditation. This passion, combined with seeing numerous friends struggle with health problems, eventually drove Smith to reach out and help others through the writing of this book. If this endeavor changes the life of only one person, he will consider it a success.

Good health is something we all aspire to, but it’s so much more than just being free of disease. A perfectly functioning body, tranquil mind, and vibrant spirit working together harmoniously create the joy and happiness that put the good in good health and the worth into a life worth living. Our Inner Ocean describes ancient and new holistic modalities of practitioner-applied bodywork and revitalizing self-care practices.

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