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Behavior Analyst

You have goals to improve your health and wellness.
You want to reach these goals.
This is important to you.
You keep trying and trying with no long-term success
You may be feeling frustrated, and wondering what gives?
Why haven’t you been able to reach your goals?


Yes, you have the information, but the one thing you have probably overlooked is your own behavior.


Join me, Laura Manuel, Board Certified Behavior Analyst (at Integrative Health Center of Maine), and together we will discover why your behavior is preventing you from reaching your goals. When we meet you will receive quality attention as sessions are individualized to your needs. Together we will create an action plan to achieve your goals and experience long-term, positive success!


I started this business after listening to countless people be their own worst critics. Many people feel they lacked ‘the will’ or ‘determination’ to reach their goals. When in actuality even if an individual has the “how to” knowledge, it is systematic behavioral changes and modifications that will lead to long-lasting successful results.


Examples of behavioral modification services include, but are not limited to:

• Healthy Eating & Weight Loss
• Kicking Sugar Addiction
• Physical Movement and Exercise
• Training for a Race
• Home Physical Therapy Routines
• Stress Management and Anxiety Reduction
• Lifestyle Balance



As Board Certified Behavior Analyst, I am trained in the science of understanding and improving human behavior. Utilizing evidence based principles I help individuals to increase desired behaviors to achieve their goals.
With a post-master’s advanced Educational Specialist certification, I consult and educate individuals on how they can make powerful changes. My goal is to teach and empower others on how to have sustainable, long lasting, positive results.
As a Weight Management Specialist, I understand the science of nutrition and the critical relationship between energy, balance and weight management. I actively work with clients to evaluate their nutritional needs and develop healthy eating plans.

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◊ Contact Information:

222 Auburn Street, Suite 102
Portland, ME 04103

Phone: (207)200-6155

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