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My personal story is a testament to the power of life coaching. My decision to hire a life coach 4 years ago, completely transformed my life from a place of following the prescribed rules, playing small and hiding out in my unhappiness to living a fully expressed life, free from misaligned external expectations. I used to feel disconnected and detached. Over-scheduled and silently suffering. I was in service to everyone, except me, in my life. I struggled with asking for what I needed or with asking for help. I used to be unwilling to risk disappointing others. I was completely stalled out in my life. I was stuck and I was settling.

With the support of my Life Coach, I learned to use the power of my own thoughts to create new results for my life. I cultivated presence and connection, intuition and listening to my own needs. I am stronger and more confident. I am vulnerable and more open. I know what I can control and I have stopped wasting time on what I cannot. I am less afraid. I take more risks, make more mistakes and laugh them off more easily.

I am proof that it is never too late to reinvent, to transform, to imagine and then to experience living a fuller and more meaningful life.

I became a Certified Master Life Coach so that I could share my story and help clients learn how to take inspired action from a place of emotional responsibility – to establish accountability for personal and professional success. I guide my clients to articulate their aspirations, clarify the choices in front of them and establish comprehensive action plans to achieve their goals.

I am passionate about helping others transform their lives to reach their fullest potential. It is my mission to create a safe and respectful environment in which my clients feel both supported and challenged as they work towards realizing their dreams. I compassionately encourage my clients to explore beyond their comfort zones. I celebrate their successes. I support them through the inevitable challenges. I teach clients how to replace old coping mechanisms and belief systems with new thinking patterns that create a greater alignment with their desired vision, improved clarity, confidence and presence in all areas of their lives.

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