Core Beliefs PsychotherapySM (CBP)

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Core beliefs represent both positive and negative ideas and concepts that a person has adopted especially during early childhood, often through the influence of parents and existing cultural standards. These beliefs have a strong and often unconscious effect on a person’s attitudes, thinking, and ways of handling life experiences. Mistaken or limiting core beliefs can inhibit potential by creating conditions of low self-esteem, anger, depression, or anxiety. They can become core wounds that manifest as feelings of unworthiness, inadequacy, or emptiness, which, if not resolved, can lead to further disconnection from the true self. Over time, this disconnection can lead to a permanent state in which a person just tries as best she can to cope with, for example, the pain of a core sense of inadequacy. Many therapies are not as successful as they could be because they do not address these core beliefs.

Core Beliefs Psychotherapy, developed by therapist Alice Brown Gagnon, addresses the root cause of these issues by bringing awareness to the mistaken concepts in a way that allows a reversal of feelings and a change in the perception of reality, which results in more confidence, freedom, and personal power. CBP employs a highly specialized set of dialogue techniques and role-playing to bring to light and correct any mistaken core beliefs that the individual has not been fully aware of. Rather than probing into repressed memories, the therapy uses a process of mindful questioning and conscious affirmations to bypass the effects of mistaken core beliefs and to provide the insight that is revealed through a deeper exploration of the inner self. The intention is to provide a rapid intervention that helps the recipient take a closer look at what is really true in her life.

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