Energy Medicine (EM) / TYLEM™

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TYLEM stands for Transform Your Life through Energy Medicine. It was developed in 1996 by Dr. Mary Jo Bulbrook, a clinical specialist in psychiatric mental health nursing, spiritual and medical intuitive, and academic. The methods of TYLEM come from her worldwide lectures, training, and practice using her holistic nursing theory, Healing From Within and Without, which was first presented in the 1980s at the International Nursing Diagnosis Conference in Calgary, AB, Canada.

Since then, the focus of TYLEM has been to promote body, mind, emotional, and spiritual health and healing using a variety of original, innovative, energy-based interventions to cleanse the body of any blocks or dysfunction and to balance and repair the energy flow. Dr. Bulbrook founded the Energy Medicine Partnership to spread TYLEM throughout the world, making it more accessible to all people. Energy Medicine Partnership programs are linked to Akamai University, an accredited, distant education university headquartered in Hawaii, where a person can receive college credit for TYLEM training at the diploma, master, and doctoral level. TYLEM was influenced by Dr. Bulbrook’s collaborative work with Therapeutic Touch, Touch for Health, and Healing Touch. All three of these modalities helped shape TYLEM. The philosophical underpinnings contributed by Virginia Satir, the friend and colleague who was the founder of family therapy, added a family-based, transcultural, psychospiritual flavor to the work.

Treatment with TYLEM is a co-creative process using subtle energy assessment, energetic diagnosis, energetic interventions, and evaluation to address all forms of physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual dysfunction by treating simple and complex energy patterns. A combination of the following energetic aspects serves as the foundational work in TYLEM: energy centers (chakras), energy fields, the aura, energy tracts (meridians), central power current (hara), light expansion (core star), interfering energies, and fragmented energies that can block functioning. TYLEM helps remove any blockages in energy flow and reinstate a proper, balanced flow of energy throughout the person.

During a session, an in-depth energetic assessment and intake is used to identify the recipient’s needs, problems, and issues. This is followed with a meditative process to ensure the highest level plan of action guided by spirit. It can include drawings, the use of inspirational cards, and, based on the energetic assessment, the choice of the specific interventions that will reset or repair the person’s energy system. This interactive, integrative, preventative, and complementary form of holistic therapy honors the healing of the body, emotions, mind, and spirit. Training in self-care is available as well as training to become an Energy Medicine Practitioner or Energy Medicine Specialist.



This modality comes from “Our Inner Ocean”, a book by Captain LeCain W. Smith: The author, LeCain W. Smith, learned early in life that his personal path to awakening was through ocean sailing, bodywork, and transformational energetic experiences. When living on the sea, making friends with the elements and with nature, he uncovered his passion for adventure, exploration, fitness, and health. He spent many years studying and experiencing bodywork and practicing yoga, qigong, breath-work, and meditation. This passion, combined with seeing numerous friends struggle with health problems, eventually drove Smith to reach out and help others through the writing of this book. If this endeavor changes the life of only one person, he will consider it a success.

Good health is something we all aspire to, but it’s so much more than just being free of disease. A perfectly functioning body, tranquil mind, and vibrant spirit working together harmoniously create the joy and happiness that put the good in good health and the worth into a life worth living. Our Inner Ocean describes ancient and new holistic modalities of practitioner-applied bodywork and revitalizing self-care practices.

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