Elizabeth Jackson

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Massage Therapist, Reiki
If you are under constant STRESS and you are seeking relief from chronic PAIN such as Back Pain, Headaches, TMJ, Shoulder & Neck Pain, Arthritis, Hot Flashes, Sciatica, or Muscle Tension & Stiffness, then I can help. I offer a variety of massage types including Deep-tissue, Neuromuscular, Swedish, Circulatory, Sports, Lymphatic, and Gentle Therapeutic to specifically address these issues.
I am a Reiki Practitioner and teacher. Reiki alleviates pain and stress; emotional and physical. Most often a Reiki treatment leaves the recipient feeling a sense of ease and well-being as it treats the whole person.Our life force energy (Ki) is affected by our thoughts and emotions.When Reiki flows through our energy fields it brings positive energy to areas that are affected by blocked Ki bringing a higher vibrational flow breaking up any negative energies.
I believe that dis-ease is a manifestation of unaddressed pain & tension.We are meant to be joyful, healthy, creative and productive beings. My goal is to assist you to achieve ease & peace in all aspects of your being through Massage Therapy and Reiki treatments.

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◊ Contact Information:
Body & Soul Health Solutions
74 Lunt Rd
Suite B2
Falmouth, Maine 04105
Phone:  (207) 358-9915
Email:  ejackson@bodysoulmassagereiki.com