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The practice of traditional medicine in Egypt is limited to a very few traditional medical providers. There is one chiropractor practicing in Egypt.

Regulatory Situation

The National Drug Policy was promulgated at the beginning of 1999 as an essential part of the National Health Policy. Within the framework of the National Drug Policy, reforms have been carried out in the following five areas: rational use of drugs, issues related to the drug industry, quality assurance and quality control, management of drug supplies, and human resource development.

In Egypt, all herbal preparations and herbal products must meet the same standards as manufactured chemical preparations, according to the law on practicing pharmacy. Herbal preparations and herbal products must be manufactured in a licensed pharmaceutical plant according to local and international good manufacturing practices. They must also be registered with the Central Administration of Pharmaceutical Affairs. The National Organization for Drug Control and Research analyses medicinal plants and inspects herbal preparations and herbal products to ensure their safety. Herbal preparations and herbal products are priced according to the law and are distributed only to pharmacies.

There is no chiropractic law.