Dr. Masina Wright

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Anti-Aging Medicine, Hormone Replacement Therapy

Dr. Masina Wright is an expert in regenerative and restorative health.  She provides consultation and treatment in the medical specialties of anti-aging medicine with a focus on women’s health and transgender medicine in our Portland, Maine office.

Dr. Wright is a leader in the field of Integrative Medicine and LGBT health, and brings this wisdom to the Age Management Center. Trained to understand the intricacies of modern health, she is sophisticated and intuitive, both cutting edge and traditional. She works with people of all genders seeking anti-aging medicine and bio-identical hormone replacement therapy.

In addition to hormonal health, Dr. Wright has significant experience in fertility medicine, thyroid health, stress management and inflammatory bowel diseases. She works with her patients to help them discover that illusive sense of wellness, addressing health in a truly restorative manner.

Dr. Wright spent the first eleven years of her career in Toronto where she owned a wellness clinic serving a diverse, urban population. She was also part time clinic faculty at her alma mater, the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine. Dr. Wright moved to Maine in 2011, and joined forces with Dr. Bedecs and the Age Management Center.  She has studied with some of the best teachers in the field of anti-aging medicine and is current with the most innovative and personalized programs for optimal hormone performance.

Our Concierge Medicine style of practice allows her to give patients that which most doctors cannot – adequate time and personal attention. According to Dr Wright, “The art of medicine is not simply the prescription alone. It is the Dr-Patient relationship that makes the difference.  It is the quality time spent with each patient that allows me to put all of their pieces together and recreate the whole.”

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◊ Contact Information:

1375 Congress St
Portland, ME 04102

Phone: (207) 233-3944
Email:  therealwrightdoctor@gmail.com
Twitter:  @thewrightdoctor
Booking Appointments:
Please call Age Management at 207-774-1356 to schedule an appointment. I currently have a limited weekly schedule for patient visits and am accepting new clients.


Dr. Wright also offers Naturopathic Medical phone consults, Skype, and home or office visits using an organic medical model based on the growing trend of Concierge Medicine.  To book a concierge appointment,  please call her directly 207-233-3944 or emailthewrightnd@gmail.com.


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