Alban South America


Background Information

Traditional medicine is widely practiced in Colombia.


40% of the population has used complementary/alternative medicine. There are chiropractors practicing in Colombia.

Regulatory Situation

The Congress of Deputies officially recognized homeopathy as a system of medicine in 1905. In 1914, the Government standardized training requirements for homeopathic doctors and established a system of title protection. Only allopathic physicians may practice homeopathy. The Institute of Medicaments and Food regulates the manufacturing of homeopathic remedies. Integration of homeopathy into the Public Health Services is planned. Chiropractors are not permitted to use X-ray equipment. However, chiropractors may request radiologists to provide X-ray services for their patients.

Education and Training

Homeopathy is taught in three schools authorized by the Ministry of Education. The regular three-year courses are limited to licensed allopathic physicians.