Dr. Anne Brown

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Medical Doctor


is an integrative medicine specialist, board certified internist, director of integrative medicine at St. Mary’s Regional Medical Center, and clinical instructor at Tufts School of Medicine. She completed her fellowship in integrative medicine through Andrew Weil’s program at the University of Arizona. Dr. Brown has a consult practice in integrative medicine at St. Mary’s Medical Associates in Lewiston, Maine. Being an internist, teacher, and integrative medicine specialist, Dr. Brown has the unique blend of diagnosis and disease management with a focus on wellness and self-care. She loves meeting with people and teaming up with them on their journey of healing. Within integrative medicine, Dr. Brown’s particular area of focus is Mind Body Medicine. In 2014 she brought a 10 week mind-body program for people with a cancer diagnosis to St. Mary’s and in 2015 introduced a 10 week program for stress reduction.

Dr. Brown is a native of Maine. She lives in Turner with her husband, daughters, and a variety of pets. She loves gardening, reading, playing with her family, and anything to do with nature.

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