Heart Math® Therapy

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Could it possible that the heart has a brain of its own with an intelligence that can have a significant influence on human physiology? Recent scientific research on the heart has revealed new insights into its nature and has given rise to a number of techniques that focus on positive emotions to reduce stress, fatigue, and detrimental behaviors while fostering physiological wholeness, emotional well-being, and overall performance. Heart Math Therapy is a scientifically validated system of biofeedback that focuses on how the connection between the heart and the brain relates to a person’s health. It was created through the research of Doc Childre with the goal of helping people engage their hearts to reduce stress and improve overall health. The Institute of Heart Math, a research institute cofounded by Dr. Rollin McCraty, has been instrumental in the study of the interactions between the heart, the energy fields, the nervous system, and the brain, with particular emphasis on the emotions. New evidence shows that the heart is a master organ with its own intelligence and nervous system (neurons) that regulate its beat and respond to certain conditions faster than the brain. The heart is able to emit all kinds of signals (energy, heat, light, and others) and when affected by positive feelings will radiate an optimal state of coherence to the rest of the body. The electromagnetic energy created by the heart’s contractions every time it beats creates a pressure wave that is felt by the neurons of the brain. In fact, the heart has been found to have more of an effect (both energetically and emotionally) on the brain than the brain does on the heart. Heart Math focuses on the significance of the variations in the heartbeat as well as on the energetic interactions with other parts of the body.

Heart Math Therapy works primarily by relaxing the heart and allowing it to beat with a balanced, coherent rhythm and then encouraging the brain to become entrained with this balance. This allows the brain and nervous system to enter a more harmonious state in which healing can take place by influencing patterns of activity in the nervous system that occur when strong emotions are experienced. The goal of the therapy is to intervene with positive, emotionally focused techniques that engage the heart, enhance its interaction with the brain, and alleviate emotionally stressful issues.

The actual therapy involves a particular kind of biofeedback that is initially accomplished with the aid of a computer. The process induces a very pleasant relaxation response, which can be called upon when a particular issue or problem is brought into conscious awareness. Specific techniques are employed to reduce the variations in heartbeat that occur as a response to nervous-system disorders. Music is also used to enhance the relaxation response by improving the client’s mood and reducing irregular nervous energy. Heart Math teaches clients how to resolve conflicts and problematic issues by increasing their awareness of how quickly thoughts can affect physiology and provides them with the ability to make more rapid choices to resolve personal conflicts and to improve physical, mental, and emotional coherence and health. Once the client learns the techniques that prompt a relaxation response, they no longer need the feedback provided by the computer.

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