featured-image-04Research Sponsorship Policy

In fulfillment of its mission to educate the public and medical community about alternative and natural medicine, the Center for Wellness Leadership may conduct research about those topics and make grants to other tax-exempt organizations in support of this. CWL will solicit and accept funds from extramural sponsors for the conduct of research, training and public health projects.

All proposals for such shall be made in the name of CWL and all sponsored projects are likewise accepted or executed in the name of CWL. All grant applications submitted on behalf of CWL shall be approved by the Board of Directors. Likewise, all applications to CWL for research funding require the approval of the Board of Directors at its sole discretion.

Each research proposal shall designate the individual responsible for the technical and budgetary design of projects proposed for funding, who shall be the Principal Investigator (hereafter the “PI”). The PI is responsible to assure that projects are delivered to CWL on time and on budget, including resultant resource/data sharing agreed to between CWL and the grantee. The PI has primary responsibility for the scientific integrity and management of the sponsored project, the financial management of projects funds, and adherence to CWL grant requirements.

In any presentation or publication of research funded in whole or in part by CWL, CWL will be acknowledged as follows: “Funding for this research was provided in whole or in part by the Center for Wellness Leadership, a private, non-profit 501(c)(3) organization.” In the event that any representative of CWL significantly participates in the design, conduct or analysis of research results, the grantee will acknowledge the individual representative as either a co-author or significant contributor as the parties shall agree.

CWL may solicit applications or may accept unsolicited requests at any time. In addition, CWL may partner with an applicant to apply for other research grants that will enhance the CWL mission.

All grantees agree that any funding granted by CWL that results in products give CWL the right to produce copies and disseminate those products at its sole discretion.