About CWL.

Founded in 2014, the Center for Wellness Leadership (CWL) is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization providing communities with educational resources and research to achieve optimal wellbeing through Complementary, Alternative and Integrative Medicine.

Mission and Values .

We envision a knowledgeable and inspired society in which everyone recognizes their ability to take control of their health. Through education and research, we aim to accelerate the science and awareness of mainstream medical therapies combined with efficacious complementary and alternative medicine.

What we do


• Host seminars and events
• Offer symposiums, workshops and webinars for credit
• Coordinate a network of CAM resources
• Publish research studies and books



• Award grants and scholarships
• Host professional network of practitioners
• Provide online resources Offer practitioner directories
• Publish research studies and books

• Sponsor & Collaborate on events



• Promote Integrative Medicine research
• Establish partnerships with research teams
• Conduct & finance Integrative pilot studies
• Provide community access to resources and research


Grants & Funding.

In fulfilment of its mission to educate the public and medical community about alternative and natural medicine, the Center for Wellness Leadership conducts research about those topics and make grants to other tax-exempt organizations in support of this. CWL also accept funds from extramural sponsors for the conduct of research, training and public health projects.

All proposals for such shall be made in the name of CWL and all sponsored projects are likewise accepted or executed in the name of CWL. All grant applications submitted on behalf of CWL shall be approved by the Board of Directors and its medical advisory board.

Advisory Board

Integrative Health, Complementary and Alternative Medicine represent a number of disciplines and sciences. Before adding information to the inventory and database, or promoting various practices, it is important to ensure that the information about its use is reliable. CWL through the Advisory Board will review the relative strength of the evidence supporting the use of specific forms of complementary and alternative medicine and attach a scale on the inventory/database reflecting that strength. As funds allow, CWL will sponsor expert research into science. (NB : It is not the intended role of the Advisory Board to provide medical or other advice to CWL’s members.)

Dan Katz

Physical therapist, Acupuncture, Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine practitioner

Devra Krassner

Naturopthic Doctor

Renee Lang

Naturopathic Doctor, FABNO, MPH, specialisation in Oncology

Matthew Stevens

D., D.O. in Hosteopathic medicine

Jennifer Hilton

DO, and Osteopatic practitioner

Deb Grant

Deb Grant, LCSW, RSMT, Psychotherapist and Body-Mind Centering® Somatic Movement Educator

Susan Cooper

Registered nurse & Herbalist

Brian Piper

Assistant Professor of Psychology and Neuroscience at Bowdoin College

Chair: Jacques Santucci

C.E.O. of Opus Consulting group, founder of CWL, Jacques is a believer in alternative health.

Secretary : Dan Walker

Partner and the Chair of Preti Flaherty’s Government Affairs Group, Dan focuses his practice on regulatory issues, including Health.

Board Advisor : Patricia Rosi

C.E.O of the Wellness Connection of Maine, Patricia is an expert in alternative treatment and approach to health.


Call for Action !

Content partnerships

We are always looking to expand both our content database and are committed to improve our readers’ knowledge, so feel free to contact us with any resources you may feel could be useful to our community.

Get involved

By donating to our non profits so we can continue to update the latest information, organise conferences and seminars and finance research. Donations will also be used for our research efforts.

Volunteer !

Do you have a zeal for alternative and integrative medicine ? Join the team ! Get involved in our organization, participate in our events, you can help us research, manage a booth at one of our events or help at our symposium.

Webinars & Symposium

The Center for Wellness Leadership holds seminars on line (summits) and conventions for the general public and healthcare professionals. Consider joining us for our next event.