Dr. Kerri Vacher

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Dr. Kerri Vacher is board certified at the national level and licensed to practice Naturopathic Medicine in the state of Maine. She received her Doctorate of Natural Medicine from the Nation’s leading Naturopathic Medical Institution- Bastyr University in Seattle, WA. She completed a residency in a multidisciplinary primary care facility working with Naturopaths, as well as, Doctors of Chiropractic medicine, Licensed Acupuncturists, Midwives, Massage Therapists and Herbalists.

Dr. Vacher provides a full range of services including but not limited to:

-Family medical care for acute and chronic illness, including physical exams and laboratory analysis for all family members from young to old, male and female

-Pediatric care for acute and chronic illness, including well child exams, sports physicals, advice regarding immunizations. Dr. Vacher has advanced training in pediatric craniosacral therapy.

-Metabolic detoxification including diet, lifestyle, nutritional supplementation and hydrotherapy.

-Nutritional counseling and coaching

-A body, mind, spirit approach including craniosacral therapy, visceral manipulation, biotherapeutic drainage, botanical medicine, homeopathy and hydrotherapy.

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38 Spring St, Ste D Belfast, Maine 04915